Thursday, February 21, 2019

My chat with Under the Pavilion

On cold February evenings, I like being able to sit by the fireplace in my NE Minneapolis home with a cup of Spyhouse coffee. Thursday night was no different, except I had some wonderful digital guests.

As a new blog, I'm trying to find ideas to separate myself from other music blogs. I decided to try to conduct an interview with a band entirely on Instagram DM, à la @fuckjerry. So, I threw on my favorite Shins record, "Oh, Inverted World", and had a digital chat with Pat, Adam, and Devan of Rochester band, Under the Pavilion.

These guys were exceptionally fun to talk with, as they kept me laughing the whole time. We talked on everything from the experience of recording their first record, to favorite beers (which inspired me to grab a PBR or two).

The part of our conversation I enjoyed the most was our chat about the Rochester music scene. As someone who grew up in Seattle, then moved to Minneapolis at 19, I've always lived in a city with an exceptional music scene. Pat and Adam chimed in on how Rochester really needs a different mindset on how they look at art, especially local music. Under the Pavilion is one of the biggest bands in Rochester right now, and they're only getting bigger, so I'd say they're extremely qualified in this department. 

Under the Pavilion has played all over the state of Minnesota, and the midwest, and praised cities like Duluth, Fargo, and St. Paul for being their some of their favorites to play. We also talked about upcoming projects! They talked about recording an EP just weeks after the release of their debut record, as well as hinting at an upcoming tour, but they didn't want to give up any additional information on that. 

Read my whole talk with Under the Pavilion!

A few things to note:

- Devan Glander is messaging through the band account
- I crossed out a joke made about drunk driving to save everyone a lawsuit, and Devan a lecture from his mother. No one in the band condone's driving drunk, and neither do I.

I really enjoyed my chat with Under the Pavilion. If you haven't checked them out yet, do it! They're great guys with great tunes.

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